Look, Touch, Move is a dynamic exhibition, featuring two immersive artistic elements: Reiteration, an interactive art installation by Sharon McCaman, and Reprise, a dance residency with the award-winning Artist Laureate Helen French.

About he Artists


Sharon McCaman is an interdisciplinary artist who works with a multitude of different media including, but not limited to, classical and contemporary movement techniques, digital media design, projection design, production design, sculpture, live video manipulation, and sensor technologies. She creates work that prioritizes the body and physical movement as well as the crafting of physical materials and the manipulation of technology. Aesthetically, her work often includes components of repetition and accumulation, while still leaving room for agency and interactivity, both for herself and for others. Sharon is currently working as a freelance interdisciplinary artist, teacher, and designer in St. Petersburg.
Helen French is a dance artist whose creative work is centered in exploring and making physical the internal landscape of the human experience. She is tirelessly curious about how dance intersects with other art forms and many of her creative processes involve collaborations. As a performer she desires to encourage viewers to be engaged, the ephemerality of dance requires not a passive viewing but an openness to actively encounter movement and emotions in the instant they take place.



Reiteration - A Series of Interactive Art Installations by Sharon McCaman


Reiteration, the act of repeating something again and again, is woven throughout the exhibit. Nebulous, SWASH, and Pneuma were elements of two previous installations – with each new iteration building on and expanding its predecessor. MOVE, a collection of short dance films, is new to this exhibit. Dance film is by nature an iterative form, capturing ephemeral moments in a way that allows them to be repeated indefinitely. The Tree, also new to this exhibit, is a visible manifestation of reiteration. An old table was transformed into the base of The Tree and unused marketing flyers became the fanned sprouts of the succulent seed pods. The “soil” at the base of The Tree and in the garden boxes is in its second iteration, having been used by Helen French for a previous and very different project. The fabric which is the main medium for this piece was layered, sewn, braided, cut, and attached over and over and over again.

Reiteration connects diverse sculpted materials with various forms of sensor technology. McCaman has created a multi-sensory experience based around the concepts of movement, art, and visitor participation. Visitors are invited to physically engage with McCaman’s large-scale interdisciplinary sculptures and, as a result, impact the art itself.

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Reprise - A Dance Residency with Artist Laureate Helen French


Situated inside LOOK, TOUCH, MOVE, Artist Laureate Helen French will engage in a series of open rehearsals and workshops that explore the relationship between dance and McCaman’s interactive art sculptures. The site-specific dance composition will look back on works that have been choreographed on French’s body throughout her career, using both McCaman’s art and the theme of the exhibition to illustrate a new perspective.

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