Iteration #3
Reiteration (2022)
Largo, Florida

Spirit, soul, or life force. This hanging forest of lightweight tulle forms a cylinder which is suspended in air and illuminated with roving lights.

Wander as you wish – around it or through it.

Medium/Technology: Tulle, (2) Light Projectors
Price: $3,000

Iteration #2
Atmosphere (2020)
Lawrence, Kansas

Atmosphere was a six-week-long installation and a recurring performance set inside the installation. Consequently, this iteration of the piece was in an open space gallery with room for a much smaller amount of tulle. Not only was the space more limited but adjustments also had to be made so this installation could be moved easily. To accomplish this, the tulle was suspended using eight rods that extended into the space and could be swiveled back against the wall during the performance. 

Iteration #1
No Doors (2018)
Tempe, Arizona

Originally, this piece, called Spirit, was one of five installations in a series that occupied a building formerly used as a radio station. One large room (250 square feet) was densely filled with white tulle hung from an eight-foot ceiling to approximately two and a half feet off the floor. Participants were allowed to move freely through the space while six projectors filled the room with pulsing lines that appeared three-dimensional as they danced around the space. The movement of the shapes in this space was triggered by the ethereal music that filled the room.