Iteration #3
Reiteration (2022)
Largo, Florida

A crocheted sculpture with colors and sounds evoking the sensation of water. 

You are encouraged to touch the plush yarn with gentle hands. As you run your hands across the panels, water sounds can be heard.  

Medium/Technology: Yarn, Piezo Sensors, Arduino Mega, Mac Mini, Computer Speakers
Price: $9,000

Iteration #2
Atmosphere (2020)
Lawrence, Kansas

Atmosphere was a six-week-long installation and a recurring performance set inside the installation. Consequently, this iteration of the piece was in an open space gallery which required the panels to be unfolded flat against the wall. One no longer had the sense of being surrounded by water. 

Iteration #1
No Doors (2018)
Tempe, Arizona

Originally, this piece, called Water, was one of five installations in a series that occupied a building formerly used as a radio station. Except for the ceiling, floor, and window – the entire surface area of one small 36 square foot room was covered with material hand-crocheted by the artist. The Bernat Blanket yarn used for the piece was extremely soft to the touch and begged to be touched. When one made physical contact with any of the multiple surfaces in this room, sounds of water filled the entire space. The sounds were meant to emulate what one would hear when slowly running or pressing a hand through a tub of water.