Iteration #3
Reiteration (2022)
Largo, Florida

A collection of framed cloud-like aluminum forms which twinkle with light when activated.

Pressure sensors are scattered beneath the 400 square foot foam floor in front of the sculptures.  Walk across the floor, discover where the sensors are, and watch the forms become illuminated.

Medium/Technology: Aluminum Screen, LED Lights, Arduino Nano, Pressure Sensors, Foam Mats
Price: $9,000

 Iteration #2
Atmosphere (2020)
Lawrence, Kansas

Atmosphere was a six-week-long installation and a recurring performance set inside the installation. Consequently, this iteration of the piece was in an open space gallery which required most of the panels to be unfolded flat against the wall. Only one small nook could be created where participants were able to have the sense of being surrounded by fire. The cloud-like shape of the forms made these sculptures well-suited to Atmosphere’s theme. Therefore, the LED lights were reprogramed to illuminate with a blue hue.

Iteration #1
No Doors (2018)
Tempe, Arizona

Originally, this piece, called Fire, was one of five installations in a series that occupied a building formerly used as a radio station. Except for the ceiling, floor, and window – the entire surface area of a small 36 square foot room was filled with billowing forms made from metal mesh screen material. The forms were attached to one side of black peg board and over 1400 LED lights were attached to the other side. When participants entered the room, they activated one of five pressure sensors hidden beneath the flooring. When the lights were activated, they faded in and out of brightness, illuminating the forms with a red hue.