A Series of Interactive Art Installations by Sharon McCaman
Iteration #3 - Reiteration (2022)

Reiteration, the act of repeating something again and again, is woven throughout the exhibit. Nebulous, SWASH, and Pneuma were elements of two previous installations – with each new iteration building on and expanding its predecessor. MOVE, a collection of short dance films, is new to this exhibit. Dance film is by nature an iterative form, capturing ephemeral moments in a way that allows them to be repeated indefinitely. The Tree, also new to this exhibit, is a visible manifestation of reiteration. An old table was transformed into the base of The Tree and unused marketing flyers became the fanned sprouts of the succulent seed pods. The “soil” at the base of The Tree and in the garden boxes is in its second iteration, having been used by Helen French for a previous and very different project. The fabric which is the main medium for this piece was layered, sewn, braided, cut, and attached over and over and over again.

Reiteration connects diverse sculpted materials with various forms of sensor technology. McCaman has created a multi-sensory experience based around the concepts of movement, art, and visitor participation.  Visitors are invited to physically engage with McCaman’s large-scale interdisciplinary sculptures and, as a result, impact the art itself.


Iteration #2 Atmosphere (2020) 

Atmosphere was a six-week-long interactive art installation and a recurring performance for very young children set inside the installation. The performance was recommended for 2 to 6 year olds, but precocious babies and curious creatives of all ages were absolutely encouraged to attend! After experiencing the performance, audience members were invited and encouraged to engage with the art installation. When performances were not happening in the space, the gallery was opened to the public so they too could wander and explore the interactivity within the space.

The Atmosphere performances were developed, devised, and directed by Amanda Pintore. Want to learn more about Amanda Pintore and her amazing work ​as a Director, ​Teaching Artist, Devisor & Collaborator, and Dance Educator & Choreographer? Click here to read more...



Iteration #1: No Doors (2018)

The No Doors exhibition had five installations that occupied a building formerly used as a radio station. One of the most important elements in developing this exhibition was designing the artwork specifically for the site. 

Therefore, throughout the design process, I considered the space where the work was to be experienced, how people would move through the space, and how the artwork would look and feel in the space. While preparing the old radio station for my project, I asked myself several questions. How do I want to take into consideration the state of the space as it is now? Do I want to clear away the layers of dust and debris? How do I want to take into consideration that this was an old radio station? How do I use the windows? How could I create an exhibit in a way that encourages my participants to move? Do I want to allow my participants to have access to all the rooms? How can the space influence the aesthetic of the project? Does each of the works in the space have to relate to one another? If so, how do they relate?

In the radio station, there were four soundproof studio spaces: one large studio in the center of three smaller studios, each with a window looking into the large studio. As a result of the space and all my questioning, I decided to create installations that were loosely based on five different elements -- water, fire, air, earth, and spirit. Not only did these elements provide my show with a through-line for all of the works in the exhibition, but they helped me utilize each of the individual rooms in the radio station—with each room representing its own element. Each installation engaged participants directly through some combination of the tactile, audible, and visual senses.

The final exhibition layout can be seen here.